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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh no they di'int!

We've been fooled before and really, we should've seen this coming. But the truth is, the brains behind "Project Runway" hath left us mouths gaping.

It was a true shocker to the conclusion of last night's episode. All fans were poised to see a most likely sobbing designer pack up their workspace into a Mood bag and catch a cab home -- ahem, KENLEY! -- and yet here we sit, 14 days before the finale, with all four contestants still standing.
And I must say, I'm not a happy camper. I stressed and analyzed every move the contestants made during the episode and tried to figure out any humanly possible way they could send Korto packing instead of Kenley. When they brought all four contestants back on the runway, I was in a cold sweat -- and quickly hid any sharp objects I might've thrown at the TV if the result had been my worst fear. And? Nada. Heidi announces the decision is too hard and all designers will have a chance to create a line -- but still, only three can show at Bryant Park.

Um, what? All the panic, all the anxiety and for what? We have to sit through yet another episode where Kenley will bring her 'tude, tell off the judges and *gasp* could still likely be chosen to represent "PR" during Fashion Week?

And speaking of 'tude -- it was at all-time high levels last night. Kenley has reached a level where I honestly don't feel the slightest bit sorry for her that she's been ousted by the other three contestants. I find the fact that Jerell is malicious, and even downright spiteful and capable of sabotage, to be an act of evil genius. Clearly, the other three designers -- Leanne, Korto and Jerell -- are able to enjoy each other's company and I think, sincerely want the best for each other in this competition. But the fact that they also would light a Kenley-50s-era dress on fire if they had the chance has to say something. Best line from last night's show has to be from Jerell. When questioned by Heidi why he thinks he should go to New York's Fashion Week and what other two designers he'd like to take with him, Jerell replies not only that he would take Korto and Leanne, but that he thinks all of Kenley's designs have been done before. When Kenley attempts to fight back, Jerell yells louder ... "It should be me, Korto and Leanne in da tent! In. Da. Ten---tah!" Just awesome. (I may or may not have given him a standing ovation from my living room.)

Last night's episode gave each designer a real chance to show themselves, show their talent and show a beautifully made dress. The challenge was to walk the New York Botanical Gardens, snap some photos and make a masterpiece inspired by the photo. I have to admit, given the challenge I was expecting to be a lot more blown away by the designs. Jerell won for his very gorgeous fitted bustier, which had some issues on the bottom hem but made for the biggest "wow" factor on the runway. I also like Leanne's dress that showed a delicate side to her normally structured look. The dress roushing was very well done and I adored the perfect tailoring at the top of the gown. As much as I liked Korto's, I have to agree with the judges. Beyond the neckline, I thought it looked very prom dress or pageant-y. Kenley's ... well, Kenley's was just a mess. It looked like the Little Mermaid and the dragon from Shrek mated and had an ugly dress as a child. 'Nuff said.

And of course, what's a bad dress by Kenley without a little disrespect and rudeness toward the judges. When Heidi said she found the dress lacking elegance and Kenley snapped back, "It's not supposed to be elegant, Hei-DI" I nearly lost it. She's trying to defend that she didn't attempt to make an elegant dress? It's supposed to be for the poor and tasteless? And she slights the one person who holds more of her fate than anyone in the fashion industry? This woman must be crazy. (If you have the stomach for it, check out the extended drama-fest here.)

I was glad to see NEEnah Gah-cee-ah finally say something about her rude attitude, but really, it wasn't enough. We don't care that you grew up on a friggin' tugboat -- that doesn't mean you get to be a snobby little pooface and everyone just has to deal. Nuh-uh sista!

In an interview on "After the Sew," "PR" fav alums Daniel and Jack talk with host Andy about little miss thang's rudeness and how that can be the tackiest thing in fashion. And just then, Kenley calls in. She admits that she knows she says things that hurt other people's feelings but that's "not her intention" and that she "doesn't mean for them to come off that way." Oh I'm sorry, when you flat out laughed at Joe's pocket square on the runway ... exactly how did you mean that to come off?

Whatever happens next week, I gotta say it's going to be a tough sell if they choose Kenley to show at Bryant Park. We've already dealt with "Top Chef's" She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named making it to the finals ... we can't deal with two blows from Bravo in a row! We just can't. I know Kenley has her moments, and I know she's a good designer, but I think it comes to a point where you need to start docking her work due to her personality flaws. As NEEnah Gah-cee-ah put it -- what happens when she has a client who doesn't like her work? Does she do what Michael Kors suggested and off them with a pair of scissors? And what about the young designers of tomorrow who are watching this show. Shouldn't the judges and Bravo try and teach these young girls a lesson and make Kenley the go-to "Don't be this girl" model?

So I ask you, Bravo, Michael Kors, NEEnah Gah-cee-ah and Heidi Klum, if not for the sanctity of the show, don't let Kenley go to Fashion Week for the children. Do it for the children of tomorrow.

Catch "Project Runway" at 8 p.m. every Wednesday on Bravo.

-- Sara Boyd,



I just thought I'd say that Jerell's hats have become a high point for me every week.

The thing about this annoying decision that I think is justifiable is that the designers in past seasons have sometimes done quite different work in their collections from what they do on the challenges. Remember Laura freaking out about the quality of Jeffrey's work (speaking of designers with an attitude...) in the season 3 finale? And Tim said something somewhere (a blog?) about how well-done Kara's decoy collection was in Season 2, because she worked so much better without the stress.

But I find it annoying anyway. Why stir up all this ill-will among the designers by asking them this who-would-you-eliminate question and then force them to all spend more time together?

Kenley is delusional.
Tim: Kenley, it looks like a pile of scales.
Kenley: Thanks! I want it to look scaly!
Tim: Kenley, it looks like a pile of dog turds.
Kenley: That's what I was going for!
Heidi: It doesn't look very good.
Kenley: Good is so passe. Why would I want it to look good?

There's just too much potential.

By Blogger Eileen, At October 3, 2008 at 11:22 PM  

This season of Project Runway may not have the best designers, but it has the greatest drama. The evil character everyone loves to hate make this years show great. So gripe all you want about Kenley, but she made this season of Project Runway alot better.

By Blogger MattV, At October 6, 2008 at 12:19 PM  

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